More than 100 pro-Bernie Sanders demonstrators walked out of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday in protest of the nomination of Hillary Clinton for president over the Vermont senator.
The protesters, many of whom were Sanders delegates, exited the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, where the convention is being held, after the senator moved to make Clinton’s nomination unanimous in a show of party unity. Outside the arena, several of the Sanders supporters said they were not prepared to embrace a party or a candidate they viewed as corrupt, conservative, or simply unable to win the general election.
The demonstrators gathered in front of a media tent and some went inside to stage a sit-in, drawing the attention of a large police contingent. Protesters outside chanted "the whole world is watching" and held up signs to the tent’s windows.
"I want them to know they have nominated a flawed candidate who cannot win," said Vincent Venditti, a Georgia delegate who supported President Obama in 2012 and 2008. "The party left me behind."
Few protesters expressed a willingness to embrace Republican nominee Donald Trump in the general election, saying that Clinton would lose to the New York billionaire whether they voted for her or not. Some said they would concentrate on down-ballot races.

Abandoning Democrats

Venditti said he handed his credentials to the chairman of his state delegation and declared himself an independent just after Sanders called for the acclimation vote, which effectively made Clinton the nominee by the overall consent of the convention.
Kathryn Conant, a West Virginia delegate in a tie-dye shirt who said she had been a Democrat for 45 years, said she saw "the party shifting farther right."