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Three brothers who are Eagles fans walk into AT&T Stadium, things get weird

Ben Rohrbach
Shutdown Corner

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Jorge (left) and Jose (right) Castillo both face assault charges stemming from a fight at the Eagles-Cowboys game. A third brother, Ignacio, also face...
Jorge (left) and Jose (right) Castillo both face assault charges stemming from a fight at the Eagles-Cowboys game. …

At first, it didn't seem like there was anything to see here — just another abhorrent video of a Dallas Cowboys fan knocking out a Philadelphia Eagles fan with one violent punch. This came two weeks after an Eagles fan dropped a New York Giants fan with an equally vicious right cross. A bunch of moronic NFC East fans in the circle of lowlife doing what no human should do to another. It's despicable, really.
Then came this revelation, courtesy of TMZ and Deadspin: That Cowboys fan is really another Eagles fan, and the guy he knocked out was his brother. Tales from cheering for the City of Brotherly Love, I guess.
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I've heard of sibling rivalry — and may have thrown a punch at my older brother as a kid — but not like this. And my brother's a Baltimore Ravens fan from New England. If anyone deserves a beating, it's him.
But we're adults, and adults do stuff like text their brothers about how it feels for his precious Ravens to lose a 14-point lead to the Patriots in the divisional round of the 2014 playoffs — TWICE. They don't knock each other out, especially in the middle of AT&T Stadium, with other people around, like cops.
That is, unless you're the Castillo brothers. A word of warning: This video is violent. Like, really violent.
According to The Dallas Morning News, that's Jorge Castillo sending his brother Ignacio to the hospital.
Don't you worry: It gets better, or worse, depending on how you look at all this. Naturally, Jorge was arrested for misdemeanor assault, but Ignacio faces felony assault after allegedly spitting blood on a police offer who arrived on the scene. A third brother, Jose Castillo, earned two charges for allegedly also assaulting Ignacio and then failing to obey an officer. Christmas must be a real blast with the Castillos.
Deadspin has more video and details from a fellow spectator who sat a few rows behind the brothers:
"The larger one was drunk and beginning to cause a scene. The lady in black is stadium security. She is trying to remove the large guy. He was having none of it. The two brothers were trying to reason with him. Large drunk guy just got more upset and combative and began yelling in faces. Finally one of the younger brothers punches him just as the cops were walking up. He quickly gets cuffed up. Eventually all 3 brothers are arrested."
This makes slightly more sense, up until Jorge silences his brother with a haymaker in front of the cops. If we learned anything from "Tommy Boy," it's that brothers don't knock each other out; brothers gotta hug.
Believe it or not, this wasn't the only fun-filled family affair at the game, either. Police told TMZ two more brawls resulted in arrests; both were between relatives, too. City of Hate, indeed. Sing it with me now ...
 The final score, for those of you still counting along at home: Eagles 33, Cowboys 27, Society 0.
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