Hoy es el día más hermoso de nuestra vida, querido Sancho; los obstáculos más grandes, nuestras propias indecisiones; nuestro enemigo más fuerte, el miedo al poderoso y a nosotros mismos; la cosa más fácil, equivocarnos; la más destructiva, la mentira y el egoísmo; la peor derrota, el desaliento; los defectos más peligrosos, la soberbia y el rencor; las sensaciones más gratas, la buena conciencia, el esfuerzo para ser mejores sin ser perfectos, y sobretodo, la disposición para hacer el bien y combatir la injusticia dondequiera que esté.

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1 de diciembre de 2023

Israel-Palestine War: The Big Picture. Peter Koenig

 By Peter Koenig

 4 7

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This Interview with Mike Adams, Brighteon Broadcast News (BBN) on the Israel-Palestine Conflict and Beyond is followed by a loose transcript of the key points of the interview. 

Some “experts” say with full conviction Hamas is winning this war.

They base it on Hamas having achieved a ceasefire which they consider is already a “win”. And then they said getting Israel to accept a 2-day extension is a further sign of Hamas upper-hand.

That is just wishful thinking. An illusion at best. It would be desirable. But, with Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF) armed to the teeth with western — mostly US — state-of-the-art weapons, plus top secret service advice from Mossad, CIA and UK’s MI6 (Military Intelligence, section six), such ideas are way detached from reality.


First, in this, like in most other wars, there is no winner. There are only losers.

Second, instead of dividing the world in pro or con the one or the other warrying party, the typical “divide to conquer” propaganda, we should all vouch for PEACE.

Having said this, it is undeniable that Palestine has lived through some kind of a “Holocaust” for the last 75 years, since the creation of Israel in 1948 – sponsored by the UK, in connivance with the then brand-new UN, backed by the US.

The UN, created in 1945, had only 51 member countries, and was then already under full control of the “top winner” of WWII, the USA.

The Israeli crackdown on Palestine became even more severe when, on June 5, 1967, Israel launched an attack against Egyptian forces in response to Egypt’s closing of the Suez Canal for Israeli shipping. Jordan and Syria joined the conflict.

By June 11, Israel defeated all three and occupied the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. The United States pressed for a ceasefire to prevent the risk of a Soviet intervention. See this.

This was the beginning of Palestine’s – especially Gaza’s – colonization.

The next step and further repression of Palestine followed the Yom Kippur War in October 1973 – against Egypt and Syria. It lasted a mere 20 days.

From then forward, the oppression mounted year by year to the point where in January 2006, Hamas won democratic elections in Palestine with 74 of the 132 seats, while Fatah, the then ruling party trailed with 45.

Fatah was the former Palestine Liberation Movement founded and led by Yasser Arafat until his death (by poisoning) in 2004.

When in 2007 Hamas also took over the reins in Gaza, Israel no longer adhered to the earlier agreed ever shakier ceasefire.

Israel then closed the border to Gaza, making Gaza the world’s largest open prison with then close to 2 million inhabitants which grew by 2023 to about 2.3 million.

Up to today, for the last almost 17 years, the border has remained hermetically sealed, surveilled electronically and by hundreds of border guards. Some Israeli guards say that not even a rat could escape undetected.

Living in Gaza was and is hell.

Gaza was and is fully occupied by Israeli military, the people harassed on a daily basis – and as we know, shot often point blank, for no reason. See video below.

This was the situation up to October 7, 2023. Since then, Gaza has been bombed to ashes and almost erased from the map. Close to 2 million people are homeless and, on the move, starving, no clean water, no electricity, no fuel, no means of communication, destroyed infrastructure, hospitals, schools. IDF has either all destroyed or blocked access to vital means of surviving.

There are no words to describe the misery in Gaza.


Hamas was created in 1987 by Israel and the US – Ron Paul just recently testified to this effect in the US Congress when he said, “after all we created Hamas and now, we have to get rid of them…”

See below and listen to the end, Rep. Ron Paul (Tx) also reveals openly that the US has recruited and supported Osama Bin Laden and created Al-Qaeda.

Hamas is the Arabic abbreviation for “Islamic Resistance Movement”; Hamas gave the impetus to and led the first Palestine Intifada (“civil uprising”) in 1987, after Israel killed four Palestinians driving to work in a provoked car accident… or so the story goes.


Direction and Purpose of the War

These developments, however, point to a much larger story – to a plan that has been in the making for at least the last 50 to 70 years.

The Three Point Plan that serves the West is part of the Great Reset and Agenda 2030 playbook – and is supposed to lead to the “promised” One World Government run by what might be called the Financial-Military-IT-Media and Pharma (FMIMP) Complex.

From the very beginning, the Zionists behind Israel wanted to dominate not only what they called the ancient homeland, Palestine – which, as Israeli homeland, is historically highly questionable.

Some 3,000 years ago on that greater land of Palestine which also included today’s Jordan – Arabs and (few) Jews lived peacefully together. They lived together in peace and harmony for about 1,600 years when Islam was born in about 610 AD.

Even after this date Israelis and Arabs still lived together for another about 1,400 years in peace, until 1948, when Israel was born. That is when the Zionist-Arab conflict started and was driven by worldwide Zionism and by all those who defended Zionism, including Evangelists.

Zionists have infiltrated western governments, from the United States, Europe to the UK’s Commonwealth States and beyond.


Let us start with the first of the Three Points mentioned earlier.

Since the Old Testament, Jews were the “Chosen People” who will eventually live in their “Promised Land” to become Israel.  

The Zionist concept of the Chosen People was always intent to expand their territory – Palestine – to “Greater Israel”.

Greater Israel Map

Source: Adda247

Greater Israel – in the planning since the ’60s, and definitely after the Yom Kippur War – would stretch east to comprise parts of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq and, of course Jordan (see map above). This might constitute 30% to 50% of what is today’s Middle East.

As such it would make Israel the owner of a good third (or more) of the world’s hydrocarbon resources, mainly oil and gas. The West needs these resources for economic development – to be able to further sanction Russia and to make sure the New World Order is controlled by the West.

As a parenthesis, the Russian central bank forecasts the 2023 current account surplus at $26 billion; whereas the US national debt is projected for 2023 and more than US$ 33 trillion – as compared to the US GDP of projected US$ 26.5 trillion – a debt-GDP ratio of 124%.

Looking at the real US debt, namely Unfunded Liabilities, they stand at 259 trillion, almost 10-times US GDP. See the US-deb clock for more details.


With a planned (though, far from realized) larger, energy resources-rich Israel, the symbiotic relationship between Israel and the West, mainly the US and its western puppets, the European Union, would grow even stronger.

The Second Point is with focus on Gaza.

It is the discovery in 1999 by British Gas (BG) of at least a trillion cubic feet of gas [about 300 billion cubic meters] off-shore of Gaza.

With the Gaza population pushed into Egypt’s Sinai desert where Egypt, in agreement with Israel, has already built a huge tent city – and from where Palestinians would never be allowed to return to their home land, Israel would simply and undisturbed confiscate these Gaza gas fields.

The existence of huge gas deposits was known before 1999. Indications are that the quantities are much larger than a trillion cubic feet. But talking about suspected much larger deposits now would be strategically unwise.

Adding the Gaza gas to the hydrocarbon resources of a Greater Israel would make Israel an even bigger player in the world arena of energy supplier, possibly one of the three largest (Venezuela, Russia, Israel) — sort of really the “Chosen People”.

And the Third Point, not to be neglected, is since the early 1970’s the planned Ben Gurion Canal. It would lead from the Mediterranean Sea either through current Gaza or just outside of Gaza, through Israel / Palestine to the Red Sea. It would be about three-times as long as the Egyptian Suez Canal, competing with the Suez Canal, and be entirely under Western control.

It would be crucial for the presumably undisturbed transport of the Gaza gas and other Western goods, to Asian and Global South markets.


The Big Picture

Frankly, chances that this monster plan of a Greater Israel, with the ensuing wars and conflicts will be realized are almost nil, as We, the People, are waking up and can stop the growing tyranny in its tracks.

We may not yet have the masses we would like to see, but dynamics never work out as we, the People foresee them, but rather with a quantum spin which we do not quite comprehend yet – but which eventually will lead to justice.


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Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for over 30 years around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020).

Peter is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is also a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing.

Featured image: A view from the area after Israeli airstrikes on Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza, on October 31, 2023. [Stringer – Anadolu Agency]

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The Genocidal State of Israel

 What Happened to the Jewish State of Israel? Part I

 3 10

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It came as a surprise to me to see flashes of warmth, affection and mutual respect during the moments on the 25th of November when the Israeli captives were handed off to Red Cross officials by Hamas fighters of the Qassem Brigades. Not only were the captives shown to be in good health; they were well scrubbed and calm in their demeanour. One young woman on crutches had obviously been receiving medical attention.

At the end of her 7-week ordeal, time probably spent largely in the Gaza tunnels, she and one of her captors seemed touched with warm emotion as they parted, each going their own way into very different futures. They exchanged tender looks and little waves as the young woman said in Arabic Shukran, “thanks.” Other similar scenes were pictured as a other captives in Gaza were transported back to Israel on the second day of a several-day respite in the bombardment.

This little snapshot of sane interactions between human beings near the very heart of a holocaust-level event, seemed to fly in the face of the stereotypes contaminating too many minds in setting the mental environment within which the Gaza Kill Fest has been unfolding. The objectives of the leadership running the Israeli side of this operation go far beyond the stated goal of conquering and eliminating a Palestinian organization, one founded and funded by the Israeli government.

See this.

Hamas was meant by its Israeli founders to further the Israeli effort to avoid a two-state resolution to the longstanding Palestine-Israel conflict. As explained by Joachim Hagopian,

On Sunday November 26th, the Washington Post exposed Benjamin Netanyahu’s symbiotic relationship with Hamas. On the one hand, he’s often claimed to want to destroy the “terrorist” group Hamas over many years, yet has helped finance Hamas and used this Palestinian militant faction to divide and rule Palestinians as a politically disunited people. By breaking up Palestine between its token Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and treating it as separate from East Jerusalem and the Hamas stronghold in Gaza, it ensures Israeli apartheid subjugation and control continues. See this.

What we are seeing, therefore, is the the culmination of the strategy to put a permanent end to even the possibility of a two-state solution. In fact the decision to depopulate Palestine of Palestinians, may be leading much of the international community to a conclusion that runs exactly opposite to what the conniving Prime Minister of Israel intends.

To be more explicit, the objective of Netanyahu and his Jewish supremacist constituents led by fascist Itamar Ben-Gviris to quickly eliminate by a variety of means the entire population of Palestinians who have survived three generations of violent abuse under the rule of Zionist Israel.

For decades these Palestinians have stubbornly refused to remove themselves from the lands of their ancestors regardless of all the pressures put on them to leave, to die, to suffer, or to just fade away into despondent despair.

The objective of the Israeli genocidaires is to destroy all the infrastructure that makes life possible in Gaza.

The aim is to push forward a scorched earth strategy to transform Gaza into a desolate wasteland incapable of supporting human existence. The tactics include a Dresden-style bombardment of human habitations. The result is that 80% of the 2.3 million Gazans are already homeless and internally displaced. Water treatment facilities are being dismantled as sewers and other sanitation facilities are being destroyed including in the remaining Palestinian districts in the West Bank.

Special measures have been taken to eliminate all capacity for growing and processing food. Even the remnants of institutions for recreation and cultural appreciation are being wiped into oblivion. The Israeli government’s proudest feat of ruination, has been to transform hospitals into bombed-out morgues on a scale that has probably never been seen before in military history.

As we shall see, this strategy of transforming hospitals into death camps can be interpreted as a particularly morbid legacy of the insanities done in the name of fighting COVID-19. On his way to the “War on Hamas,” Netanyahu had a big role in incorporating these insanities, many of them lethal, into Israeli policy and hospitals in ways that proved lethal and injurious for many Israeli citizens.

The Israeli government is trying to cover up many of these lethal insanities in Gaza through the IDF’s targeted assassination of journalists, photographers and even their families. Dozens have of them have been killed since October 7 along with many UN officials charged to record the extent of Israeli savagery.

From Netanyahu on down, Israeli officials make it clear that they are far from finished in their quest to make Gaza uninhabitable. The strategy so far has been to flatten Gaza’s buildings but especially those in its main population centre, Gaza City. The ceasefire has presented more openings for the cameras to record the devastation from many angles. In spite of the intense bombardment, thousands of northerners have refused to leave, preferring instead to live in tents in front of their destroyed homes.

The ceasefire has resulted in the temporary opening up to a trickle of essential supplies desperately needed by more than 2,000,000 starving and thirsty people, many of them suffering all sorts of injuries. This trickle of incoming supplies has slightly mitigated the draconian measures put in place by the Defence Minister. On October 8 Yoav Gallant notoriously announced that the “human animals”in Gaza would be subjected to a “siege” including being cut off from all food, water, and electricity.

Apparently Itamar Ben Gvir, the Minister of National Security who publicly declared his contempt for the ceasefire agreement, was particularly distraught with Netanyahu for letting in gasoline. Netanyahu is still seemingly in charge although he is hated by much of Israeli population.

The multiple scandals swirling around Netanyahu, including the emerging leaks about his “symbiotic” relationship with Hamas as well as new disclosures about what really happened on October 7. It seems that before October 7 many people, including several journalists, had prior knowledge of what was about to take place on October 7.

Moreover Netanyahu was one of many officials in Israel and the United States who would have had to have played a role in setting up the pretext for the planned annihilation and displacement of the entire population of Palestinians still living under the jack boot of Israeli control.

During the 7 weeks of bombing, the Jewish people of Israel mostly supported the military operation. But that support is apparently dwindling as the fate of the Israeli captives is more and more highlighted in the media.

There was something very discordant in Netanyahu’s claim that the way to free the Israeli hostages, but especially the soldiers, was to continue the blitzkrieg pounding their Hamas captors.

It is not known how many Israelis, if any, have already been killed by the proliferation of Israeli-US bombs dropped on the population of Gaza. While Netanyahu continues to stay out of jail by retaining his job as Prime Minister, he is once again being confronted with public protests at his home. The demands for his resignation are once again becoming aggressive.

The military operations have included an Israeli order to Gazans in the northern sector of the Gaza strip to move southwards. Many from this internally displaced population used the ceasefire to travel north in an effort to find their dead relatives in the rubble heaps and possibly to locate a few of their possessions that might have survived the bombing. IDF soldiers briefly broke the ceasefire by firing at northward-headed Palestinians. Two were killed and several were injured.

The internally displaced population, that is to say 80% of Gaza’s people, are being assembled in the south end of the Gaza strip.

They are being conveniently placed into close proximity to the Rafah crossing into Egypt. The plan has been to push the process of exterminating as many Palestinians as possible, before reconstituting the survivors as a new contingent of intergeneration refugee. Efforts have been aimed at bullying and bribing the government of Egypt into setting up refugee camps in the Sinai Desert.

Another scenario is to force more survivors of the US-Israeli bombardment into Western countries. This subject has large implications addressed by Tucker Carlson and others. They compare the desire of people in Israel to be exclusively and monolithically Jewish, even as Zionist power brokers demand intensified and enlarged multicultural mixing throughout the West.

The hypocrisy and double standards of Zionist connivance are becoming too audacious as so many in the “never again” chorus, cheer on the slaughter to advance Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians.

The core motivation in the Zionist quest to eliminate Palestinians from Israel is not difficult to understand. Many Jewish citizens of the Jewish state want to extract themselves from the dark legacy of the inconvenient truths about how their country came to emerge and grow from the violent ongoing expropriation of the land of Palestine.

No amount of passing of Netanyahu-style laws to declare that Israel is under the exclusive sovereign proprietorship of the Jewish people, can change this history. In fact the ugly side of this genocidal history would only be rendered more shameful in the eyes of much of the world if the land of Palestine was to be ethnically cleansed of its entire Palestinian population.

There would be no need for a two-state solution if there were no more indigenous Palestinians to form the Arab state called for in the UN Resolution that launched Israel into the realm of international affairs.

It is this convergence of current events, changing attitudes, and inherited realities that causes me to question if the Jewish State of Israel might henceforth be better understood as the Genocidal State of Israel. As I see it, the flash of affection and decency displayed in the handover process indicates the situation is not yet hopeless.

A similar scene was re-enacted on day six of the ceasefire, as several released Israeli teenagers hugged, smiled and shook hands with members of the Qassam Brigades as they were being handed off to the Red Cross. Why not make friends, not hatred and war?

From God’s Chosen People, to Manifest Destiny, to Annihilating the Swastika Bearers

Those who after WWII declared, “Never Again,” are themselves committing a new Holocaust complete with obscene PR campaigns.

One such campaign can be seen as a telling marker of the emergence of the Genocidal State of Israel. This marker is the now-notorious video of a choir of Jewish children singing angelic praise for mass murder. This production by Rosenbaum Communications represents a new low in manipulative war propaganda. Putting such poisonous words into the mouths of innocent minors, amounts to nothing short of child abuse.

The video was removed from its biggest platform “ for violating You Tube’s Terms of Service.” The children affirmed in this song that, “within a year we will annihilate everyone.” By “everyone” the producers apparently mean all Palestinians who are described generically as “swastika-bearers.”

Like the child singers of the genocidal song, many Israeli officials have clearly declared their country’s intention to eliminate all Palestinians from Israel. See this.

A clear indication of the fraudulent nature of the Israeli government’s description of its military campaign as a “War on Hamas” is that the slaughter is being pushed forward not only inside Gaza but outside Gaza as well. See this.

As shall be explained in more detail below, the West Bank is well outside the jurisdictional sphere of Hamas. The Palestinians of the West Bank are currently assigned by their Israeli rulers to the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. The PA is another another branch of the Israeli-authorized system for governing Palestinians.

A proliferation of Jewish “settlements” have been built in the West Bank since the region was illegally conquered along with the Gaza enclave by the IDF in 1967. Both the West Bank and Gaza were assigned by the United Nations to the Arab state that has yet to be created

Gallant’s description of Palestinian’s as “human animals” deserving of genocide is widely reflected and even exceeded in similar pronouncements coming from many prominent Israelis. See this.

Of course this resort to dehumanizing language followed up by genocidal action has been a persistent theme in the Israeli entity’s treatment of the Palestinians since its founding acts of violently uprooting native people in the so-called War of Independence in 1948. Now, many Israels are intent on “finishing the job.” See this.

Prime Minister Menachin Begin’s description in 1982 of the Palestinian leader and martyr, Yasser Arafat, as “a beast walking on two legs” can be seen as a forerunner of Gallant’s description of the IDF’s targets as human animals. See this.

Arafat, by far the most unrelenting leader in the history of the movement for Palestinian self-determination, was killed by poisoning in 2004 through contamination with radioactive polonium. See this.

The Israeli campaign of genocidal onslaught in Gaza is nothing like that of state-backed armies doing battle in open spaces. The Gaza Massacre in more like a modern-day version of an American Indian war, only the Indigenous peoples are locked up in a fort from which there seemed to be no exit until October 7 of 2023. Moreover the Palestinians of Gaza face some of the most sophisticated weaponry coming from the vast and sophisticated arsenals of their Zio-American attackers.

The plight of the Palestinians and Native Americans have often been compared by Norman Finkelstein and others, including myself. The Native peoples of both Palestine and the United States have both been subject to the force of Biblical interpretation. The founders of both New England and Israel saw themselves as Israelites, chosen by God for a divinely-sanctioned mission starting with the seizure of the Promised Land from the Indigenous peoples.

The theology of the New England Puritans was given a twist in the adoption by US expansionists of the view that America had a “Manifest Destiny” granted by God to rule North America, the Western Hemisphere and eventually the world. In taking over the imperial mission of Great Britain, the United States assumed leadership of the Zionist vision of building up a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine. This history forms much of the background for the establishment of Israel in 1947-48.

This geopolitical partnership between the United States and its Israeli offshoot evolved into the thesis that both countries are exceptional polities not subject to the usual restrictions of the law, especially when it comes to acquiring land, resources, and wealth in the name of “spreading democracy.”

Given this shared history there is considerable strategic importance in “Native Studies” in Israel and North America. This topic area has attracted the attention of the proponents of competing schools of interpretation that go from the sublime scholarly contributions of Stephen Salaita to the ridiculous babblings of Ryan Bellerose who was briefly “the face” of B’nai Brith Canada. See this.

To add to the horror of the overall spectacle, a portion of humanity are openly cheering on with religious fervour the Israeli Defence Force and its US partners. The cheer leaders, including many millions of Christian Zionists, are instrumental proponents intent on lending support to this one-sided debacle of mass annihilation.

Part 2  Forthcoming

Click here to access Prof Anthony Hall’s Substack which includes the full article.


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This article was originally published on the author’s Substack, Looking out at the World from Canada.

Dr. Anthony Hall is currently Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. He has been a teacher in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled “The Bowl with One Spoon”.

He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

Featured image is from Mideast Discourse

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