Hoy es el día más hermoso de nuestra vida, querido Sancho; los obstáculos más grandes, nuestras propias indecisiones; nuestro enemigo más fuerte, el miedo al poderoso y a nosotros mismos; la cosa más fácil, equivocarnos; la más destructiva, la mentira y el egoísmo; la peor derrota, el desaliento; los defectos más peligrosos, la soberbia y el rencor; las sensaciones más gratas, la buena conciencia, el esfuerzo para ser mejores sin ser perfectos, y sobretodo, la disposición para hacer el bien y combatir la injusticia dondequiera que esté.

Don Quijote de la Mancha.

9 de enero de 2017

2017: $20 TRILLION US DEBT, $1,025 BITCOIN, $1,005 SILVER, $9,096 GOLD U.S. CFTC & Comex Abnegating Their Duty: Exchanging Counterfeit Derivatives For Non-Existent Gold & Silver.

Since 2008 [1913] there have been an extraordinary number of events that go far beyond accident and circumstance that one would normally see in a given decade or era. There was Occupy Wall Street, which was a grass roots rebellion against the taxpayer bailouts of the insolvent and greedy banks, which was then followed by the creation of the Tea Party, which sought to oust neo-conservative Republicans in Congress and try to remake the party in the image of the Founding Fathers.
Then came spiritual shifts as people from all over the world waited to see if anything would manifest from the predictions uncovered within the Mayan calendar that was to end this era in December of 2012. 


From Rothschild Controlled “City” Of London [center of the banker’s nwo] ~ Was JFK killed because of his interest in aliens? Secret memo shows president demanded UFO files 10 days before death
This would be followed three years later by the Shmitah, as millions of people in 2015 read and discussed the works of authors like Jonathan Cahn who resurrected the idea of a Shmitah Jubilee, and the ‘going back to zero’ for debt and property ownership.
Yet for all of these astonishing events that took place globally and in the U.S. between 2008 and the end of 2015, very few actually sustained themselves from having their ‘fire’ put out.
But that would change once 2016 came around:

NWO Rothschild Offices Of The International Banking Cartel Located In “The City Of London”. It Is Over 600 Acres Inside Greater London.
2016 saw the two largest rejections of the establishment just short of a full on revolution, where the ballot box completely undid the works of the elites and establishment class. The first of course was the Brexit vote in the UK, only to be followed five months later by the election of the most unlikely President in American history.

Brexit Was Only The Symptom… Debt Was The Diagnosis
Brexit Victory Of Sentient Mankind: Nuremberg For The Binary NWO Money Changers
But this leads us to an important question… and that is, were the events of 2016 the final flare of an ongoing frequency shift, or does 2017 have even more in store for the world just as it did 100 years ago between the decades of 1914 – 1945?
More than the threat of terrorism and ISIS to the globe at the start of 2017 is the threat of monetary and financial collapse as the world’s debt burdens reach levels far beyond anything ever recorded.
And at the center of this of course is the [Rothschild controlled fiat] U.S. dollar, which dictates the financial fate of nearly every single country and individual since its elevation in 1946 to the world’s singular reserve currency.
And while the dollar has seen multiple attacks upon it over the past 70 years, both from internal and external sources, to date no one and nothing has been able to remove it from its perch atop a world that is completely run by fiat money.

The Zionist Elite Have Lost The Consent Of The Governed: Meet The Lecters!
Until now:
One of the biggest predictions and forecasts emerging from the alternative economic community is that 2017 will be the year that the dollar is removed, either by vote or de facto rejection, as the polar reserve currency, and will be replaced by either the SDR, a gold backed trading system, or a complete return to direct bi-lateral trading which needs no reserve currency to function with at all.

France Confirms Joining China’s (AIIB) Bank ~ A Rival To US-led Rothschild World Bank.
Rothschild’s Netanyahu Threatened French Parliament: Prior To French Palestine Recognition & Paris Murders!
France: Entire Swiss Branch Of Rothschild’s Banking Empire Under Criminal Investigation Following David De Rothschild Indictment.

China Russia

This is not some crazed notion. China is the second largest economy in the world. And the Yuan is now part of the IMF’s SDR currency basket along with the Yen, British Pound and the Euro. China Contributed 10% SDR Stipend To Washington D.C. Based IMF On October 1st. 2016 ~ China Regards It As Free Advertisement
I’m not saying the US Dollar would necessarily loose reserve currency status, but if China were to publicly call for this, the consequences would be severe.
As in, CRISIS severe.

CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE ~ Nixon announces the end of the U.S. gold standard. Rothschild may have gotten Libya & Ukraine’s gold but China is buying U.S. physical gold through Rothschild paper suppression of the physical gold/silver metals at the U.S. Comex.
A fiat currency by its nature is backed solely by confidence and the ability of the issuing treasury to protect its status through diplomatic or military power. And as with countries who quickly see their currencies die from near instantaneous hyper-inflation, those events are confidence events, not financial, and are due to citizens no longer accepting the stated value of the issued currency.

The United States is entering a pivot point here in 2017 since the current ‘asset’ backing the dollar is quickly dissolving amid a sea-change of partnerships that do not require oil to be the standard behind the reserve currency.
And as we have seen in the past year as well, the number of nations who have dumped their dollar reserves by over $1 trillion are in large part due to the fact that they no longer need a ‘middle man’ to trade among themselves.
Iran, Russia, Turkey, and China, as well as many other countries, have already stated or actually implemented programs over the past two years designed to facilitate trade without the need for the dollar. And the only ties left are to the ones who’s currencies are in some form pegged to the global reserve.

But just as forms of money such as Bitcoin and gold emerge anew and as once before to be better and more stable mediums of exchange to currencies being collapsed by their central banks, it is extremely likely that by the end of 2017 someone will officially call for the end of the dollar as the singular reserve currency, setting in motion a cascade of no confidence that will lead to the biggest paradigm shift of all.
Rogue Money

Memories Of History: When The People Get Fed Up!

13 Deutsche Bank Executives Charged With Conspiracy Of Manipulating The Markets By Falsifying Italy’s Third Largest Bank Accounts
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